About us
At Misfit Designs, we proudly root for the little guy & craft wings to help them fly.

We have faith that the Cubs will one day win the World Series. (Check!) We rescue pound puppies, support local mom and pop shops, and give back to our community. We place value in preserving timeless vintage charm, and tip our fedoras to the daring dreamers taking the daunting leap into the entrepreneurial unknown.
In a world of cookie cutter solutions, we prefer to transform oncoming lemons into tarts, pies and martinis with a twist. After all, why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out? Whether you’re braving a new venture, or revamping your existing brand, dare to be different. With over a decade of art direction, graphic design and fundraising for non-profits and small businesses, we’re here to make the world a lovelier place, one bold brand at a time.

What we do
Art Direction
Brand Strategy & Development
Graphic Design
Social Media Management & Marketing
T-Shirt Design
Greeting Card Design
Custom Stationery & Invitations

Many business owners lack the know-how or the time to design and market their companies and events. That's where we step in. We make your load lighter by crafting and promoting bold brands to help you stand out from the crowd in the digital and local communities. We cultivate a brand strategy to tell your unique story, design memorable logos and advertising materials, promote your big events and develop a social media strategy that sells, including profile creation, optimization, content creation and curation, copywriting, graphics, follower acquisition, online marketing, management and consulting.
Archiped Classics | Bonick Landscaping | Paige Chenault | City Cafe | Chorister's Guild of Dallas | Colinasway | Creative Circle | Dwell with Dignity | East Dallas Chamber | Executive Sentinels | Fellowship Bible Church Arapaho | First United Methodist Church Richardson | Gate Sentry | Grow Organic Local | The Gypsy Playboys | Infinity Grip-In | The Jalapeno Plant | Jobs4America | Katie Hembree Photography | Left in America | LIFT Church | Lovers Lane United Methodist Church | Lovers Lane Foundation | Martin Barfoot Real Estate | Michael Lane Cuisine | Mimi B. Designs | Lydia Patterson Institute | Nathan Grace Real Estate | North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church | Oliver Design Studio | Rays of Light | School Evaluation Associates | Stillwater Farm | Vitamin T | Wesley Prep | The Weston Dallas Downtown | The Winston School
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